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Watch my first music video here!!! →


YULYA - Take Over the World (feat. Jakob Liedholm) (by yulyaofficial)

My Debut Music Video Premiere is Tomorrow!!!

My Debut Music Video Premiere is Tomorrow!!!

In this blog me & my producers/DJs friends will be posting our favorite music, new underground, undiscovered yet producers releases (you will be hearing next aviciis here first), interesting stuff about nightlife in NYC & Miami (and wherever else we go), hot girls & guys (whatever is for your taste..).. and other random stuff!! be nice.. 

PS: this blog is by no means a self-promotion (well, maybe I am lying!.. :/) but in case you’re wondering who i am, stalk me more on twitter @yulyaofficial and join my facebook.com/yulyaofficial and hear my awesome voice & music @ soundcloud.com/yulyaofficial¬†